Logo Design & Branding

Your company deserves a strong and elegant visual identity.

Creating a brand is one of the most important thing you can do for a small business. We know this process can be murky, subjective, and intimidating. Don’t worry – we have a process. And we do not make it harder than it needs to be. We can tailor the deliverables to fit within your budget. Our resume is a healthy mix of simple logos designed on a shoestring budget, and scaling-up to offer full branding guidelines and campaign strategy.

Typical Deliverables

  • Logo Design:   A complete logo package with horizontal and vertical varieties, full color, black/white and reverse files.
  • Color palette:  To maintain a consistent visual identity, it’s important to include a color palette in your brand package. A color palette contains all the brand colors you use to create signage, product packaging, stationery, social media headers, and other promotional materials.
  • Brand typography:  Fonts matter. Typography-related decisions have a major impact on how people view your brand.


A sampling of our