Project Summary

ReLeash needed to adjust their branding to better represent themselves and their product.  Although, they did not need a full rebrand they did need a couple of edits as well as some guidelines to follow.  Their eCommerce platform was causing quite the headache and needed a revamp to make the system easier for both the owners and the customers.

The Challenge

The customer need to differentiate themselves from the old branding without taking a full pivot.  They also did not want to fully migrate their products to a new eCommerce platform, so we needed to find a way to integrate a new system into WordPress.


Our Solution

Following long conversations we figured out how to maintain the ReLeash the Hounds branding to be cohesive with the current parent brand, but still stand alone.  We created a fun and approachable color palette to give the website and print materials more life.  We also created a branding packet for the clients to help them stay in line with their new branding.  After some trial and error we developed a way to integrate their current eCommerce system to allow the owners the ability to mark items as ‘on sale’, ‘out of stock’, or ‘featured’.