Medical Device Innovation Consortium

Project Summary

Medical Device Innovation Consortium needed a place to store all of the research summaries, information and data around their initiative which focuses on the Science of Patient Input – also known as Science of Patient Input (SPI).

The Challenge

The existing content (reports, summaries, media) for the SPI Initiative were buried in the existing MDIC website’s Resource Library.  The information was neither easy to use or marketed well.

Our Solution

After doing a deep dive discovery with the MDIC SPI Project staff we realized that SPI deserved its own website and identity, within the MDIC parent brand.   We delivered a resource library website, which was custom organized around the Total Product Life Cycle, easy to navigate and searchable.   In addition, our designers created a new logo and color palette for SPI that fits naturally within the existing MDIC family of brands, but gives SPI its own space and identity.

Skinny Raven Website