Ryan Wahle

Creative Director

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Ryan is a guy with a big heart and huge curiosity for the world around him. As a designer and builder, he thinks the best way to learn is through experiential education and therefore is alway on the move — biking through South America, living on islands in Maine, and road tripping across the U.S. With an eye for design and an odd enthusiasm for manual labor, he not only illustrates and creates graphics, but also continues to hone his skills in sustainable building methods, metal smithing and furniture making.

Ryan graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in New Media — a major that pulls together graphic and industrial design, as well as contemporary and new age design to build the best user experience in both the physical and digital realms. Naturally, this degree brought Ryan to design newspapers — the oldest form of media — and after five years he decided to pursue more challenging and creative design in branding and data visualization.

Ryan loves Fall bike rides, island camping and a good n’ messy sandwich.

Portrait of Ryan Wahle