Natalie Osborne

Founder, Lead Developer

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Natalie has been working in the digital space since 1999. She’s held several positions with reputable companies throughout the DotCom boom, bust and second boom. Most notably was her tenure as a Senior Marketing Producer at Major League Baseball ( Prior to that, she was the Production Manager at (eToys), supervising a staff of front-end web producers.

Natalie created in 1999 as a fun side hustle. In 2012, Natalie made her main focus and eventually the solo shop matured into a small agency. In 2023, our agency became SpinUp Creative.

Natalie has had a passion to “do good” her entire life. Can websites bring positive change to our world? Natalie thinks so. That’s why we hand-pick our clients and align our services with organizations that serve a higher purpose than just their bottom line.


Design creates culture.  Culture shapes values.  Values determine the future.

Robert L. Peters


Natalie loves solo mountain bike rides, early U2 albums and long talks on old chairlifts.